Solar Power Payback Period

For a net investment of less than $12,000*, two-thirds of a typical home’s electricity needs can be provided by solar energy**.

While producing your own clean power, a payback period of  8 years is possible (25-year PV life, inverter replacement at 15 years, annual rate increase of 2% per year, and $0.106/KWh in 2015).

Solar Power Tax Incentives, Grants, & Rebates

GeoInnovation will help you negotiate the maze of available grants, tax credits and rebates to further reduce your payback period, which means you can sit back and enjoy free, clean energy for your home or business quicker than you thought possible!

  • A residential state tax credit applies to 25% of solar equipment and installation costs up to a $1000 credit.
  • The federal tax credit applies to 30% of solar equipment and installation costs for residential systems placed in service during 2016. There is no limit to this credit.
  • A 10% state tax credit applies to commercial systems.
  • Arizona sales tax is exempted on installation of solar equipment.

Additional Resources

Southern Arizona Power Company Solar Options

GeoInnovation works with Tucson Electric Power SunShare, Trico Electric Cooperative SunWatts and APS Solar Partners to bring you fantastic power sharing schemes.

Update: The utilities have each  proposed changes to the Arizona Corporate Commisssion which would change and/or eliminate the established net metering rules and rates under which they now operate.  Please contact us for details of these proposals and their current status before the ACC.

Tucson Electric Power

  • TEP no longer offers a local incentive. The good news is the systems cost the same as in the past because of lower equipment costs.
  • TEP provides net metering crediting the retail rate for all PV electricity delivered to them.
  • Click here for more details or contact us.

Trico Electric Cooperative

APS Green Choice


* Assumes roof-mounted panels ** Typical U.S. home uses 13,000 KWh/year