For Existing Customers


First we want to say thank you to all of our customers who have put their confidence in us over the past 10+ years. As the industry continues to grow and change we remain dedicated to supporting you and your system. Please feel free to contact us at any
time with questions or concerns. We are committed to the renewable industry and love to share information and ideas.


If you are a customer that had a web-based monitoring system installed with your system you can be confident that we are monitoring your system most days. If your system stops producing or drops in production you can be confident that you will receive a notification. If we cannot diagnose the problem over the phone we will schedule a service call. If you do not have a web based monitoring system and would be interested in the FREE monitoring service, please contact us. We have multiple solutions for any situation. We can install hardware that will get information out on the internet for you and our web-monitoring personnel to watch your system FREE of charge. 

Expanding your system

Many of our early clients have inquired about expanding their systems. If you are interested in increasing the size of your system or maybe adding battery storage/back-up we would love to have the conversation with you. There are still many incentives that you can take advantage of even if you have used them before.

Monitoring Photovoltaic (PV) System Performance in Tucson using Metering Provided by Tucson Electric Power (TEP)

Monthly PV Production

Locate the Photovoltaic (PV) meter installed along with your PV system. This meter can be identified by the fact that it displays a single digital number and will be connected to your inverter by electrical conduit.

Read the value displayed by the PV meter at regular intervals, for example once a month, and take the difference of these monthly numbers to determine the amount of energy your PV system produced during a given month. As a rule of thumb, a properly operating system should produce approximately 150KWH (Kilo Watt Hour) per month for each KW of solar panels installed. For example, a 3KWDC (Kilo Watt Direct Current) systemreading on the 1st of June may be 2639 and on the 1st of July may be 3093 indicating a monthly solar production of 454KWH.

Electricity Supplied by TEP

TEP Meter

Locate the TEP revenue meter next to your electrical service panel which displays three digital values:

  • DEL = Electricity DELIVERED by TEP to your home over the course of a day.
  • REC = Electricity RECEIVED by TEP from excess production of your PV system during sunny parts of the day.
  • NET = The difference between delivered and received electricity which establishes the amount TEP bills you each month.

Read the value when “NET” is displayed on the meter at regular intervals, for example once a month, and take the difference of these monthly numbers to determine the amount of energy (KWH) you bought from TEP during a given month. For example, a net meter reading on the 1st of June may be 4649 and on the 1st of July may be 4776 indicating you bought 127KWH from TEP over a month period.

Total Household Consumption

The total amount of electricity consumed by your household over the month is the sum of PV production and the monthly "NET" value. For example, if PV production was 454KWH and TEP supplied electricity was 127KWH, then total consumption of the home would be 454KWH + 127KWH = 581KWH.